Promotional Products Work!

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Promo Products

We just got back from a week long promotional products expo sponsored by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) in Las Vegas. I know they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but I can’t wait to share what I learned there with everyone. My number one take away is Promotional Products Work! Whether it be writing instruments, drinkware, electronics or apparel, Promotional Products are getting you noticed.

Promotional products are an excellent way to increase and keep your brand on the top of mind of your consumers. 7 out of 10 consumers remembered receiving at least one promotional product within the last 12 months. 88% of those who recalled receiving a promotional product, remembered the company or person who gifted it to them, what the actual product was, and how they felt when they received it. The most common gifted items are apparel, writing instruments and drinkware. Do you remember what your last promotional product gift was and who gave it to you? More importantly, do you remember how you felt when you received that gift? Read More

Introduce yourself with a “Handshake Video”

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By Tim Taysom

We are always being marketed to, while we drive, when we read and especially when we browse the internet. Most businesses understand their need to market and some do it better than others. I’d like to share a quick thought about using handshake videos to market your company.

More and more your potential clients begin looking at and researching your businesses via the internet long before that actually contact you. If your website is full of static images, long blocks of copy telling what services you offer and how great your customer service is, you are missing an opportunity to really connect with your future client. Read More

Think outside the Box!

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think outside the box - concept of different or unconventional thinking sketched with white chalk on a blackboard with eraser smudges

In January, I attended a week long Promotional Products conference where I came to understand the importance of being creative to market your business and raise brand awareness. Marketing is a creative industry where consumers need to be engaged using their senses. So, as business owners and marketers, we have to learn to Think Outside the Box!

Start by asking yourself these 3 questions. Who is your target market? What is the message you are trying to convey? What icon or symbol helps you relay your message? For instance, you are a title company with the best customer service in the whole area. So let’s start by asking our 3 questions. Read More

An Hour with Marketing Guru Seth Godin

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This past month I had the opportunity to attend one of the largest promotional marketing conventions in the world. My favorite part of these conventions by far is the educational courses that I am able to attend. You can imagine how excited I was to learn that Seth Godin, a well known author and marketing guru would be presenting at the event! For me, it’s a rare chance to be in such company and I was hungry for his advice.

Seth started by telling us that his objective was to change the way we think, and he did. Godin confirmed some of the direction that I have already been taking with my company and helped think more critically about how I engage new business.  He gave us some great advice and I’ll share a few highlights here. Read More

Exercise Your Right to be Healthy… Your business signage too!

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You put in plenty of work hours. You spend lots of time on the phone or in front of your computer screen. You don’t actually live in your car; it just looks that way. You’re there for your family and friends. But you’re tired and cranky and leaning toward the out-of-shape end of the spectrum. You want to feel better, but it’s just one more thing on your list that never seems to get done.

So you grab a caffeinated morning yummy as you blink the sleep from your eyes and head to work. Lunchtime finds you wolfing down a burger, soda, and fries while you head to your next appointment. Dinner is most often something that thaws as it gets nuked. And after you’ve finished that meal, you plop down in front of the television to watch a little Netflix and enjoy an oversized bowl of buttered popcorn. Then it’s off to bed so you can wake up to do it all over again. Read More

From Cave Walls to Digital Masterpieces – Signs are Everywhere

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From Cave Walls to Digital Masterpieces – Signs are Everywhere

Maybe you’ve never lain awake at night pondering signs and their origins, but in case you were just the least bit curious, here’s a quick overview of the history of signage from the earliest cave paintings to the digital phenomenon that is New York City.

Signs have always been used to advertise goods and services and to communicate feelings and moments in time. Early cave dwellers left their primitive marks on cave walls.

The Greeks and the Romans were probably the first to use what is considered modern signage. These signs were generally made of terra cotta or stone, and contained more imagery than words since most people couldn’t read. Read More

The Value of a Sign


Small business owners have a critical decision to make when they start their business:

“How can I most effectively spend my money to promote my business?” From radio and television ads to the local Yellow Pages, from newspaper and word-of-mouth to on-premise signage – what is the most cost effective way to advertise to the public?

A study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce showed that the best strategy for small businesses to avoid failure is to invest in the best signage they could afford. Investing in the best signage they can afford helps build awareness and keeps customers coming back. Read More

BRILLIANCE – Star Sign’s 3rd Annual Showcase Event – Sept. 24th, 2015 – 10am-4pm


BRILIANCE is the theme for this years 3rd annual showcase event by Star Sign. Many business owners, managers, leaders, executives and business teams from around the region will be attending…  So PLEASE be sure to mark your calendars in advance!(And let us know if you have ANY questions).

Meet and greet with TOP thinkers, decision makers, creative gurus and designers. Network, browse and connect!

Each year is a “Mini-Expo” featuring the latest trends and services we offer. Come let us shed some “IDEAS” on Your business brand & image! Read More

Welcome to the Washington County Fair

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For over 150 years the Washington County Fair has been the highlight of the summer season here in Southern Utah. From its humble beginnings at the sight of John D. Lee’s mansion in 1860 to the Washington Country Regional Fair Park, the Fair has a rich history of promoting agriculture, displaying machinery and home arts, providing exhibits, and offering some of the best entertainment west of the Mississippi.

The Fair has always been the perfect place to socialize, and this year’s Fair definitely fits that bill. The theme this year is Super Fun at the Washington County Fair. Read More